Indian Sports & Fitness Consultant Raghu Kumar R founded the Indian Children's Games with a vision to promote health & well being of children. The Physically, mentally, visually, speech and hearing challenged children will be given a platform to indulge in sports and cultural activities which will increase self esteem, encourage independence and enhance the quality of life. The WLW FOUNDATION through the Indian Children's Games works towards fostering friendship and understanding among these children, their parents and all the citizens of India. Prior to, during and after the Games the needs of these children will be highlighted and communicated to the Government, Media, Corporate and Citizens of India.    ICG 2014 date: 20/06.2014

Special Games for children with intellectual, physical, visual, speech & hearing disability


ICG - physical disability

"It is never too late to live your dream"  Enhancing quality of Life.


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The wlwf through icg-mcp (indian children's games - mobile coaching program) conducts on site health training, nutrition and sports coaching program as per the academic calendar preparing the differently abled children to compete at national & international competitions.

Restoring Life - Let's Do It Together

Blind Ten pin bowling Blind tug of war blind athletics     blind swimming

deaf Indian t12 cricket deaf 5 a side football deaf tug of war ...  

deaf athletics

wheelchair basketball wheelchair racing walker racing...     athletics track & field       

Athletics (track & Field) Football (soccer)


ten pin bowling       

intellectual disability